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Globalization Program
Academic Year 2009-2010
The VIU Globalization Program will successfully continue in the upcoming Fall Semester (Sept.7 – Dec.18) with a set of advanced courses, research workshops and seminars on the theme of globalization and its economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts. Scholarships for studying abroad will be awarded to the best Italian students.


Seminar Series on Partnerships for Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region
Istanbul, Turkey - Sept 7 –12, 2009
The 2009 edition of the VIU-REC ''Seminar Series on Partnerships for Sustainable Development in the Black Sea Region'' will open on September 7 in Istanbul. The second session will open on October 26 at VIU, Venice, Italy.
19th Congress of the Italian Oceanology and Limnology Association
Venice International University, September 22-25, 2009
The 19th congress of the Italian Oceanology and Limnology Association (A.I.O.L.) will take place on the island of San Servolo, Venice, from September 22 to 25. The event will be organised by the Institute of Marine Science of the Italian National Research Council in cooperation with Venice International University.
The "Green Oil" Project
New Biorefinery at the Scientific and Technological Park of Venice
VEGA, the Scientific and Technological Park of Venice, is about to host the pilot plant of the first biorefinery in Italy. Construction will start next September in Porto Marghera, where disused industrial areas are already under reclamation.
Assessing the Costs of Adaptation to Climate Change
New Publication by IIED
Nowadays the idea that adaptation to climate change will cost a lot to the world population is widely shared. And a new study reveals that these costs could be far higher than expected.
Intriguing New Wind Generators
The opposition often faced by conventional wind aerogenerators due to their impact on the landscape and the possible danger to avian and bat fauna led to the design of a new class of generators without external mobile parts.
Two firms, the Italian Western Co. and the US company Solatec, recently announced to have designed a new concept for wind energy exploitation.
Plastic Can Actually Decompose
No Good News, Though
During the last National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) held earlier this month, researchers unveiled a recent finding in plastic chemistry.
Instead of being virtually indestructible, plastic materials abandoned in the marine environment decompose and release toxic substances potentially dangerous to marine life.
Bottled water? No, thanks.
New Initiatives Worldwide
Initiatives aiming at reducing the use of bottled water are spreading rapidly around the world. In Australia the city of Bundanoon decided not to sell bottled water anymore. New York City started in 2008 an interesting campaign called TapIt: a network of café’s and eateries let people fill their reusable bottles.


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