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Send date: 2009-11-10 09:52:44
Welcome the Delegation – VIU_SEPB Environmental Friendly Cities Advanced Training Course
Italy, November 1-15, 2009
How does Italy deal with environmental friendly urban development? How does it manage the varied aspects concerned with the environmental sustainability of a city? A delegation of participants selected by the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau and composed of civil servants from the EPBs of several Shanghai districts arrived in Italy on November 1st to attend a training course on “Environmental Friendly Cities”.
Call for Application - Globalization Program at VIU
Spring 2010
Applications for the Spring 2010 Globalization Program at the Venice International University are open. The Globalization Program is a study program within the VIU School of Humanities and Social Sciences devoted to the issues of economics, environment, ethics and development in a globalized world. It consists of one Semester at the VIU with a set of advanced courses followed by an internship awarded to the best students in different institutions of China, the US and Europe.
Seminar Series for Black Sea Countries
VIU, Venice, Italy. October 25 - 31, 2009
At the end of September the 40 participants of the 2009 edition of the ''Seminar Series: Partnerships for Sustainable Development Sustainable Public Policies and Business Practices for Black Sea Countries'' were asked to define their commitments in the short, medium and long term in order to translate the acquired knowledge and the concept of sustainable development into practice. This was the introductory work to the Venetian part of this year's Seminar Series, just concluded at the VIU.
Città Sostenibile at EcoMondo International Trade Fair
Rimini, Italy. October 28-31, 2009
Città Sostenibile – Sustainable City is a special initiative within EcoMondo, the world-wide known International Trade Fair of Material & Energy and Sustainable Development. The new edition was held in Rimini on October 28-31. The VIU-TEN Center is part of the Scientific Board of Sustainable City and offers the experience acquired in the Advanced Training Program, targeting civil servants and experts from China, Central Asia and countries from Central and Eastern Europe.
Welcome the Delegation – VIU_MOST Capacity Building on Sustainable Development
Italy, October 17-31, 2009
The 26 participants selected by MOST for the Capacity Building on Sustainable Development had the chance to see how Italy and Europe are trying to cope with the problems concerning sustainable development. After the introductory session held in October in Beijing, China, focussed on the Chinese situation and experience on this issue, they arrived in Italy for participating in numerous site visits to institutions and companies of our country.
Welcome the delegation – VIU_MEP Environmental Monitoring Management
Italy. October 10-24, 2009
The third and last course on “Environmental Monitoring Management” scheduled for the year 2009 and addressed to delegates from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China took place from October 10 to 24. This course gave 22 MEP officials the chance to meet Italian institutions involved in environmental monitoring, in order to understand which is their role and how they carry out their activities.
Electric Bus Fleets to Recharge at Bus Stops
Shanghai Pioneering a New Technology
Municipal transport companies have been trying to reduce the carbon footprint of their bus fleets using a range of options over the years, from biofuels and hydrogen to batteries and hybrid-electric diesel. Now a Chinese company and its U.S. partner say that ultracapacitors could offer the greenest and most economical way of powering city buses.
The Impact of a 4ºC Global Temperature Rise
New Study by British Meteorological Institute
The British Meteorological Institute released on October 22, 2009 an interactive map in which the effects of a 4 °C rise of the planet’s temperature are described, giving visual representation of the risks lying ahead if no action is taken to combat climate change. By clicking on each highlighted area in the map you can get information about the risks deriving from global warming which will most probably affect it. The result is an appalling forecast.
Large Photovoltaic Plant to Be Built in Jordan
One of the biggest photovoltaic plants in the Mediterranean area will be built in Jordan by 2012.
The project Shams Ma'an will be realized in partnership by the Italian firm Solar Ventures and the Jordanian companies Kawar Energy, First International for Investment and Trade, together with Ma'an Development Company (Mdc), which will provide the land where the plant will be built.
International Day of Climate Action
October 24, 2009
The International Day of Climate Action was held on October 24, 2009.
In 181 countries people came together giving birth to over 5200 events around the world. Gathering in hundreds of iconic places - from the Taj Mahal to the Great Barrier Reef - people called for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis. 2009 was chosen because it could be a crucial year for this environmental issue, since next December world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to craft a new global treaty on cutting emissions.
5th Annual International Congress on Sustainable Transport
Mexico City, Mexico. October 12-14, 2009
The 5th International Conference on Sustainable Transport (ICST) took place in Mexico City from October 12 to 14. The event, organised by the World Resources Institute and its Center for Sustainable Transport, and supported by several international partners among which the Italian Trade Commission (ICE), is the most important conference in Latin America dedicated to such issues.
The 10th International Conference on Walking and Liveable Communities
NYC, U.S.A. October 7-9, 2009
New York City hosted the 2009 edition of Walk21, the annual international walking conference. The aim of the organisers is to make Walk21 2009 an inspiring and powerful global gathering of the best urban planners, leaders and visionaries, and a major contribution to the worldwide effort to achieve sustainable cities for people


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