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“Innovation and Sustainability” a Joint VIU_ Unindustria Treviso Project
A new and sustainable Made in Italy is the target of the Treviso Young Entrepreneurs Group for a new production development based on innovation and green principles, as a way-out strategy from the international market crisis. On this basis, the ''Innovation and Sustainability'' project is jointly developed with Venice International University and launched on March 19 in Treviso.
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Welcome the Delegation – VIU_NDRC Capacity Building on Climate Change
Italy. March 20 – April 3, 2010
China is well aware of the dramatic effects climate change can have on the planet and on the country and has already set up a series of policies under the framework of its National Climate Change Program issued in 2007. The training agenda of the National Development and Reform Commission course on ‘‘Capacity Building on Climate Change’’ has therefore been designed to offer participants an overview of the main aspects of climate change, with special attention to the policies and actions that can be adopted.
Climate After Copenaghen
San Giorgio Island, Venice, Italy. April 15, 2010
April in Venice will be an intensive working period for those interested in dealing with climate change issues. Researchers, policy makers, experts from industry, finance and energy sectors will be brought together in two important events at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in the beautiful setting of San Giorgio Island.
Earth Day 2010 – 40th Anniversary
17-25 April
It was on April 22, 1970 that the first Earth Day was born. The aim of the movement, a protest which took place in the USA with the participation of 20 million people, was to ask politicians to consider the issue of environment degradation in the national agenda. After 40 years the movement is still very strong and is organising a series of events for the Earth Day 2010 celebration week, which will be held from April 17 to 25.
Economic Survey of China 2010
Available on the OECD Website
In recent years the economic expansion and the impressive improvements in living standards have been evident in China. National polices have been characterised by massive fiscal and monetary policy stimulus. The challenges this country is facing cover all aspects of sustainable development.A new publication titled “Economic Survey of China 2010” about these issues is available on the OECD web site, both in electronic and hard copy versions.
A New District Of Energy Renewable Sources
Umbria, Italy
A district for the production and research on energy from renewable sources is taking shape in Massa Martana (Umbria, Italy). In the area, an experimental solar power plant of 350 kW and a biomass cogeneration plant of 5 MW are going to be built, but the main activity of the district will come from a new manufacturing plant which will produce receiver tubes for thermodynamic solar power plants operating with molten salts as heat transfer fluid.
The First Off-Shore Wind Farm of the Asian Continent
Donghai Bridge, Shanghai, P.R.China
China started building its first off-shore wind farm, close to the Donghai Bridge in Shanghai. This site has been chosen for its shallow water, about 10 meters deep. The wind farm will consist of 34 turbines generating up to102.000 kW of power. The first two turbines have already been completed and connected to the grid. The remaining 32 are planned to be completed and connected by June 2010.
What can abandoned and heavily contaminated sites be used for?
BioReGen project of Teesside University
Thousands of sites spread all over the world are contaminated by industrial activities and vacant in a derelict state. A team of researchers from the University of Teesside (UK) found a solution to reuse brownfield sites in an efficient way.
The idea is to plant crops which can be used for producing renewable energy in a ‘‘carbon neutral’’ way. They can be burnt as biofuel, in fact, and the carbon dioxide produced in the process can be absorbed by the growing crop fields.
50 Rupee for Each Carbon Coal Ton
India Moving Towards Green Energy
Mr Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian Finance Minister, announced a new tax. It is a quite low amount, but it aims to change the energy economy of India, a country with a very big and constantly growing energy demand. The tax will in fact request to pay 50 rupee (more or less 1 US dollar) for each used or imported ton of carbon. This is only one of the several measures listed in the ‘‘Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission’’, whose goal is to reach 20 GW of photolytic energy by 2020, and 100 GW by 2010.
The First Trial for Bio-Sourced SIM Cards
The prototype of a bio-sourced SIM card has been launched by Gemalto, the world leading company in the field of digital security, in collaboration with SFR, the leading French mobile phones operator with over 20 million subscribers.
Sustainable City Lights Concept
Using Renewable Energy Meeting Environmental and Economic Needs
Illuminating a whole city by using the energy coming from the sun and the wind, with no costs: is it a possibility or just fantasy? The idea is very simple: to accumulate energy during the day through solar and wind devices, and to give it back when needed during the night.
Black Cabs Go Green!
The traditional London black cabs are to become hydrogen cars running on the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology. The idea of the deputy mayor of London is to have the hydrogen cabs ready by 2012 for the Olympic Games. He announced that 6 hydrogen filling stations and 20 taxis will be in operation by then. In 2014, the hydrogen cabs will be adopted by other cities throughout the UK.


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