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Send date: 2010-06-10 10:00:04
July Advanced Training Courses
Coming Up Next at VIU
This month Venice International University in collaboration with the Regional Environmental Center will host the Italian session of the 1st module of the high-level, specialized Course for St.Petersburg and the Leningrad Region titled “Sustainable Development for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region”, which will be held from from July 3 to 11.
Then there will be one Advanced Advanced Training Courses organised by the Venice International University and its Chinese partners in the framework of the Sino-Italian Cooperation Program for Environmental Protection: the VIU-CASS E-Learning Study Tour wich will be held from July 8 to 17.
Welcome the Delegation – VIU_MOST_New and Renewable Energy
Italy. June 26 – July 10, 2010
The Ministry of Science and Technology of China (MOST) and Venice International University has organized a course devoted entirely to renewable energy.
The course focuses on renewable energies: solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy. For the first time the topic of microalgae biofuels will also be explored, which can produce algae energy.
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Europe’s Largest Photovoltaic Plant To Be Built in Northern Italy.
The largest photovoltaic plant in Europe is under development near the city of Rovigo in Northern Italy. Covering a surface of 850,000 m2, the plant will start to produce power generation from the second half of 2010.
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How to easily explore the European Emission Trading Scheme: the ETS Data Viewer.
To control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Europe some mechanisms were introduced which should be adopted by countries in order to reach the Kyoto Protocol target. Among these mechanisms probably the most important is the European Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS).
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Electric and Hybrid Cars: a Pilot Project in 5 Chinese Cities.
A new pilot project was lunched in five Chinese cities: it will provide subsidies to buyers of electric and hybrid cars. The project follows the government policy aiming to cut the emissions of the world's biggest auto market.
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The Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)
To Effectively Compare Energy Consumption
A new important tool for the energy sector is now available: the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE), a shared index to evaluate Energy Consumption. The PUE is now recognised by competent authorities in the US, Europe and Japan.
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Printed Paper Solar Cells
In the framework of a project to develop new energy solutions, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) together with the Italian National Hydrocarbons Company ENI, introduced the first paper solar cell during the inauguration of the Solar Frontier Research Center (SFC) on last May 4.
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New EU organic logo and labelling system
From the 1st of July, 2010, the new European Union logo for organic products will become mandatory for all Member States. Following the rules stipulated in the EU organic farming regulations, the logo will provide consumers with complete confidence that what they’re buying underwent a strict certification process, which both farmers and food processors must comply to.
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