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SD bulletin 37

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SD bulletin 37
Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program June 2011
Coming Up Next at VIU

Three Courses of the Advanced Training Program are taking place in Italy in June 2011, with delegations from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau and the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China.
Course for Sustainability for the Black Sea Region to Open in Istanbul
The fourth edition of the Course for Sustainability for the Black Sea Region will open with a one week session in Istanbul on June 20 at the presence of prof. Ignazio Musu, president of the TEN Center ant prof. Maria Lodovica Gullino, director of Agroinnova-University of Turin.
Italy in Line with Kyoto: a Study by the Sustainable Development Foundation (SDF)
A study by the SDF affirms that in 2010, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Italy have decreased by 6.8% in respect to those in 1990. The Kyoto Protocol foresees a reduction of up to an average of 6.5% for our country between 2008 and 2012, therefore, we can confirm that Italy is in line with the Protocol goals.
The World's Largest Electric Bus Fleet Running in Shenzhen
As the host of the 2011 International Universiade Games, the city of Shenzhen decided to strengthen its public transport system with a fleet of 300 electric buses in order to ensure the best welcome for the event's supporters. At the conclusion of the Games, Shenzhen will add them to its regular fleet, making it the largest electric bus fleet in the world.
China leads the clean energy race – a Pew Charitable Trusts report
According to a recent report of the Pew Charitable Trusts, China's investments in the clean energy economy, for the first time surpassed those of the United States and other G-20 members. The study shows that even in the midst of a global recession, the clean energy market has experienced impressive growth, and China is now clearly the world leader in attracting new capital and making new investments in this area.
EU launches a new plan to reduce transport emissions
The "White Paper 2011" presented by the European Commission is a new ambitious roadmap drafted with the aim to improve mobility and the integration of transport networks whilst, at the same time, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the dependence on imported oil.
Wind Power Energy in Spain: the Main Source of Electricity in March 2011
In March 2011, 21% of the energy demand in Spain was provided by wind energy. For the first time ever, wind power energy exceeded the energy quota coming from other energy technologies.
June 5 is World Environment Day
Promoted by the United Nations Environment Programme since 1972, World Environment Day (WED) will be celebrated on June 5th. The aim of this event is to promote awareness on environmental protection and bring political attention to this issue. This year the core of celebrations will be held in India, but everyone is called upon to act during this day, as we are all responsible for the protection of our environment.
Special IPCC Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation
Close to 80 percent of the world's energy supply could be met by renewables by mid-century if backed by the right enabling public policies a new report shows. The findings, elaborated by over 120 leading experts from all over the world for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group III, also indicate that the rising penetration of renewable energies could lead to cumulative greenhouse gas savings.
Five Percent of the World's Gas is Wasted Through Flaring
Every year, 150 billion cubic meters of methane are wasted during oil extraction, equivalent to about 5 percent of world gas production. Despite the alarming numbers, there is hope that eliminating wasteful gas flaring could be the next big energy and environmental success based on already existing technologies.


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