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SD bulletin 40

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SD bulletin 40
NL15 now Available Online
Number 15 of the Sino-Italian Newsletter is now on line in a new look edition. Focus is on environmental monitoring and air pollution source management. You can download it from our publication section or write to us ( to receive a paper copy.
Advanced Training program: September 2011
The VIU TEN Center is kicking off a new season of training activities in September with two courses organized in cooperation with the TSTC, one with the NDRC, and the second session of the Course for Sustainability for the Black Sea Region.
China-Italy Agreement on Battery Disposal
The Chinese consortium CMRA (China Nonferrous Industry Association, Recycling Metal Branch) just signed an agreement with the Cobat (Italian Consortium for Collection and Recycling of Batteries) for the exchange of know-how, the training of experts and to support each other in the management and disposal of batteries.
Bright Green Book 2011
The Euro Brazilian Sustainable Development Council (EUBRA) and UN Habitat published a collection of the 100 technologies and initiatives that are creating the bases for a Green Economy in the 21st Century.
European Commission: Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy
The European Commission set out an ambitious plan to reform fisheries management in Europe. The new text is strongly based on sustainability and aims to reach a sustainable level of fish stock exploitation by 2015.
The New ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard
The new ISO 50001 was launched in Geneva by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The aim of this new standard is to provide public and private organizations with strategies to improve both their energy performance and profits.
Green Energy Investments Reach a New Record
According to the 2011 annual report "Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment" issued by UNEP, Global investment in renewable energy increased by 32% to reach a record of 211 billion US dollars in 2010.
Emissions from Maritime Transport
Even if total pollutant emissions have been decreased over the last 20 years, the current trend indicates that, without further action, maritime emissions could exceed the total of EU land-based emissions by 2020.
New Roads for Used Tires
A new regulation has been published in the Italian Official Gazette governing the management of discarded tires and promoting optimal recovery to reach better environmental protection. The more effective management and re-use of this particular waste will contribute to the prevention and reduction of negative impacts on human health and the environment.


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