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SD Bulletin 41

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SD bulletin 41
Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program - October 2011
The fall season of the VIU TEN Center is always particularly rich with Sino-Italian Cooperation Program (SICP) activities and this October will feature four advanced training courses here in Italy and three in China, including the first training addressing the topic of "Environmental Information Management and Application".
EC Regulation Provides a Strong Input to Reduce CO2 Car Emissions
European Commission Regulation N° 725/2011 establishes a new specific procedure for the approval and certification of innovative technologies for reducing CO2 emissions from passenger cars.
APICE – A Project for Sustainability in Port Cities
APICE is a new project aimed to link economic, social and environmental sustainability in the sensitive area of harbors. It is developed in 5 pilot areas of 4 Med Countries and currently involves the territories of Venice, Marseille, Thessaloniki, Genoa and Barcelona.
Hertz Helps Shanghai to Promote Electric Vehicles
The city of Shanghai was chosen earlier this year as the international electric vehicle pilot city by the Chinese government, in the framework of the Electric Vehicle Initiative (EVI).
New Database of Industrial BAT in the Mediterranean Region
A database containing a collection of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) adopted in the Industrial Areas of the Mediterranean Region, in terms of environmental, social and economic solutions, is now online.
Better Landscape Management Will Prevent Forest Fires
The Collaborative Partnership on Forests stresses that frequency and intensity of forest fires could be reduced by including fire management in broader landscape management strategies and through more integrated approaches to fire management.
Water in an Urbanizing World. Feedback from World Water Week 2011
By 2050, when world population will expectedly reach a peak of 9 billion, a double amount of water will be needed to sustain human activities and food security. This alarming message comes from a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) report presented during the opening ceremony of the World Water Week held in Stockholm on 21-27 August 2011.
Increased Efficiency in Wind Farms Thanks to Fish Schooling Studies
Taking inspiration from schooling fish, Prof. Dabiri from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has found a way to increase wind farm efficiency whilst at the same time reducing aesthetic and environmental impacts.
Non-CO2 GHGs Reduction to Slow Global Warming
According to a new research published online in Nature, cutting the emission of non-CO2 gases could help reduce the negative effects on the climate and slow down the increase in temperature expected in the future.
Greenhouses on NY City Rooftops
To grow vegetables on the rooftop of commercial buildings in major metropolises is a new approach to agriculture which is being proposed by a New York firm specialized in hydroponic cultivation.


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