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etc Bulletin 04

Send date: 2008-07-10 09:30:16
Hydrogen Park Project
In 2009 the first industrial power plant worldwide using hydrogen instead of coal will be ready in Porto Marghera, Venice. [...]
Wind Power Subsidies
The Chinese government decided to reimburse the VAT and custom taxes on components and materials that constitute the wind turbines. [...]
Electric Car Project
Israel plans to become the first country to have a large number of electric cars on its streets. [...]
Scotland’s First Carbon Neutral Bus Network
Stagecoach, one of the UK’s largest bus and coach operators, is offering passengers in Scotland reduced bus fare in trade for their used cooking oil. [...]
ENEL Investments in China
At the beginning of May ENEL, the most important electricity production company in Italy, signed two cooperation agreements in China, which aim at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.[...]
VIU-TEN Center Training Activities
Follow the delegation - CASS "Water Pollution Control"
May 10-24, 2008
Follow the delegation - MEP "Multilateral Environmental Agreements"
May 17-31, 2008
Follow the delegation - SEPB "Environmental Management"
May 27- June 7, 2008
Seminar Series - Partnerships for Sustainable Development
Istanbul, June 15-21 – Venice, September 29-October 7
Course for Sustainability, VIU-REC Kazakhstan
Middle Sessions – July 12-20, 2008 – San Servolo, Venice


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