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SD Bulletin 44

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SD bulletin 44
Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program February 2012
Coming Up Next at VIU

The first Chinese delegation to arrive in Italy in 2012 will land in Rome on February 18.
ENEA RAEE 2010 - Report on Energy Efficiency in Italy
The first yearly Report on Energy Efficiency in Italy was presented on January 20 by ENEA, the Italian National Agency for new technologies, Energy and sustainable economic development.
The GBEP Report - Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy
The Global Bioenergy Partnership (GBEP) recently published its first report on Sustainability Indicators for Bioenergy, with the aim of helping both developed and developing countries to assess and build up the sustainable production and use of bioefuels.
New Photovoltaic Panels for Greenhouses
The new photovoltaic module developed by the Spanish companies ULMA Agrícola and Tecnalia allows electricity to be generated without the crops being affected by over-shading.
Etico: New Life to Corks
Etico, a new campaign which promotes the recycling of corks, used as wine bottle tops, into building materials has recently been launched in Italy by Amorim Cork Italia.
District Heating, Torino Leads Italy
The city of Turin has now the biggest district heating system in Italy, which is able to heat 54 million square meters of buildings corresponding to a population of 560.000 inhabitants.
Reducing Your Ecological Footprint - I Reduce Project
Several interesting suggestions on how to concretely reduce our footprint have been collected in the guide "I reduce", which aims to suggest useful and simple ideas both for consumers and producers to improve their choices, products and, as a consequence, their behavior.


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