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SD Bulletin 59

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SD bulletin 59
Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program July 2013
Coming Up Next at VIU

The second course for 2013 organized in cooperation with MOST is taking place in July, with focus on Innovation of Enterprises and Green Technologies.
Energies for Future Urban Environment - International Conference
By 2030 the population living in cities will raise to 60%, with a large part concentrated in developing countries. To address this issue, ENEL Foundation organizes the International Conference Energies for Future Urban Environment which will take place in Rome on July 2-3, 2013.
Biodiesel Buses in Verbania
A good example of biodiesel use has been recently introduced in Verbania (Piemonte Region, Italy), where the public transport company decided to use biodiesel from organic waste to fuel its bus fleet.
SDSN Post-2015 Sustainable Development Report
The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) is a network of scientists, technologists, businesses and development specialists created by the UN Secretariat to bring together global thinkers from all over the world. At the beginning of June a new Report by SDSN was presented to Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary-General, where 10 sustainable development priorities are listed.
World Energy Outlook Special Report 2013
On June 10, the International Energy Agency (IEA) published the World Energy Outlook Special Report 2013, entitled Redrawing the Energy Climate Map.


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