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SD Bulletin 67

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SD bulletin 67
Sino-Italian Advanced Training Program September 2014
Coming Up Next at VIU

One course of the Advanced Training Program is taking place in Italy in September 2014, addressed to a delegation from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. The training will focus on "Innovation of Enterprises and Green Technologies".
Course for Sustainability 2014: Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Black Sea
The 2014 Course for Sustainability will take place at Venice International University, San Servolo Island, Venice from September 28 to October 5.
New Automated Sorting Method for Plastic Recycling
A team of researchers at the Department of Chemistry of Ludwig Maximilians Universität (LMU) in Munich, Germany, has recently developed a new process, which is expected to greatly improve and simplify plastics sorting in recycling plants.
New Study on Uncontrolled Waste Burning Worldwide
Unregulated trash burning is a sadly common practice that could be emitting into the atmosphere far more pollution than shown by official records.
Earth Overshoot Day 2014
August 19 was Earth Overshoot Day 2014, the date when humanity exhausted nature's budget for this year. For the remaining months, we will maintain our ecological deficit by depleting local resource stocks and accumulating carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
European Mobility Week 2014
European Mobility Week is the most widespread campaign on sustainable mobility in the world. It takes place every year from September 16 to 22 and aims to encourage European local authorities to introduce and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite people to try out alternatives to car use.


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