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etc Bulletin 08

Send date: 2008-10-10 09:38:22
Asia-Link CLIMA Final Conference
October 9-10, 2008 VIU, San Servolo Island, Venice
etc Newsletter N°8 Now Online
on focus: Green Olympics
The ecological ship with a new old technology.
Thermal Heat Pump Using Solar Energy
The Swedish society ClimateWell put on the Spanish market a solar powered climate system exploiting the energy coming from solar collectors.
Coal-Fired Power Plant with CO2 Capture
The Swedish company Vattenfall inaugurated the world's first pilot unit for a coal-fired power plant with CO2 capture.
An Italian Garden in Tianjin
An exhibition dedicated to the design of an Italian garden now being realized in Tianjin, China, was inaugurated on September 12 in Thetis S.p.A. buildings in Venice, Italy, and will be on display until November 23.
The IEA & Marketforce's 9th Annual Conference.
1st October 2008, London, UK.
Ethics and sustainability: Scenarios for Justice and Sustainability
23-25 October 2008. Padua, Italy.


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