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Acegas-Aps Group is the most important multiutility company in North-East Italy. In particular, the company operates in the management and distribution of water resources, electric energy and gas, and waste collection. It also carries on a series of activities complementary to and synergic with the supply of public benefit services, in particular: cemeteries handling, Total Facility management, district heating, public lightning, traffic lights management, re-lining (telecommunication networks). Established after the merger between Acegas and Aps on Dicember 18, 2003, the company is currently mainly active in Trieste and Padua, but it is progressively broadening the activity area in Italy and abroad. The first Padua incinerator plant was built in the 1960-1961 and began operations in 1962. It was the first waste management plant in Italy with energy recovery.
During the years the plant has been enlarged and upgraded, and works have been done in order to respect the ever lower emission levels set by the Italian law. This has led to the achievement of the EMAS certification in 2001.
The current three lines of the plant can treat the waste coming from 66 Municipalities in the Padua area, producing 95 GWh net electric energy per year.
The typologies treated are:

  • municipal solid waste
  • special non-hazardous waste
  • infectious medical waste (provided that it doesn't contain hazardous substances according to the law)
  • medicines

An online monitoring system collects the emission data and makes them available to the public on the company website, where other documents related to the general environmental performance of the plant can be found.


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