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Reference address: Via Leonardo da Vinci 44, 10095 Grugliasco (Turin)


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Agroinnova is a center of competence, developed by plant pathologists at the University of Turin. It is located on the university campus of Grugliasco (Turin) and has modern and well-equipped laboratories, greenhouses and experimental fields. Agrinnova brings together the skills acquired thus far by public and private, Italian and international researchers in the fields of agro-environment, agriculture and the food industry.
Agroinnova carries out research, knowledge and technology transfer, lifelong learning and communication on up-to-date topics in the above-stated sectors. Agroinnova's special features include four academic professors, 40 PhD students, postdoc fellows, consultants and technicians, more than 40 ongoing research projects worldwide, and 30 high-level courses carried out during the period 2003-2010. Currently, most of its employees are based in Italy while the rest are abroad.
Agroinnova mainly operates in Grugliasco, and at the Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea in Rome. In past years it has gained broad expertise in the coordination of European projects, as well as in the knowledge of technology transfer in emerging economies such as China. Agroinnova hosts the Presidency of the International Society for Plant Pathology.


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