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Agsm Verona spa (Azienda Generale Servizi Municipali di Verona S.p.A.) is a multiutility service company that provides services in the fields of electricity gas and heat in the city of Verona (Italy). In addition it manages also public lighting, energy management in buildings and optic fiber telecommunication network.
The group is among the ten most important utility companies in Italy and can provide nearly 305 Megawatt of electric energy thanks to a diversified mix of plants such as hydro (61,2 MW), thermal (171 MW) wind (12,8MW), solar (1,2 MW).
It also features 5 cogeneration plants situated in various areas of the city, with an overall installed power of 60 MW, that enable the simultaneous production of electric (280 gigawatts per hour/year) and thermal (265 gigawatts per hour/year) power.
The thermal power is distributed through 240 km of thermally insulated pipelines reaching about 1,300 buildings, serving nearly 10% of the total population of the city.
The district heating allows therefore a more efficient exploitation of the energy source, and consequently lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional energy generation systems.


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