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Today the Angelantoni Group, established in 1932, is made up of 3 sub-holding companies (Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT), Angelantoni Life Science (ALS), Angelantoni Clean Tech (ACT)) and one subsidiary Archimede Solar Energy (ASE), with 8 production facilities in Italy, Germany, France, India, and China.

Angelantoni Test Technologies (ATT) is the only company capable of offering a wide range of solutions for testing in numerous sectors, thanks to the experience and technical know-how of a team of international-level experts.

Angelantoni Life Science (ALS) is a leader in the manufacture of biomedical equipment for healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry, and life science research institutes. ALS produces a complete range of extremely low-temperature freezers, refrigerated blood banks, rapid plasma freezers, climatic chambers, biological safety hoods, isolators and cleanrooms, offering laboratories, universities, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industries all over the world the best solutions for the biomedical sector.

Angelantoni CleanTech (ACT) is a group of 8 companies operating in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency, producing such products as photovoltaic solar plants, concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) plants, concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plants with Fresnel reflectors, molten salt, oil, and DSG receiver tubes, photovoltaic solar panels, solar inverters, and thin-film coating systems for components in the solar sector.

Archimede Solar Energy (ASE) is a world leader in the production of solar receiver tubes for thermodynamic power plants with parabolic trough collectors. The receivers developed and produced with the contribution of ENEA, are designed to operate at high temperatures (up to 550° C) with all types of heat transfer fluid used in current CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) power plants.


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