Centro Riciclo Vedealgo S.r.l. - Recycling Centre Vedelago

Reference Address: Via Molino 17, 31050 Vedelago (Treviso)

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Since 1999, the Centro Riciclo Vedelago S.r.l. has been managing a stocking plant with a mechanical selection of waste for recycling materials.
The center receives material from municipalities, consortia and manufacturing companies which operate differentiated waste collection. Inputs to the center are only authorized if there is the strong possibility of re-using certain materials (e.g. plastics, metals, glass, paper, wood).
The center selects the materials according to their physical composition, reduces their volume and sends them to secondary plants or specialized companies which can use them in their productive cycles.
The firm has also studied and tested the use of plastics in concretes. The new line produces pellets derived from heterogeneous plastics coming from separate collection (non-recyclable dry waste and/or plastic scraps that cannot be re-used in other productive cycles) to be added to concretes.
Thanks to this process it is possible to completely recycle plastic waste which could not otherwise be used. The final product can be utilized instead of sand for concrete, to lighten concrete mortar and to bind minor concrete constructions.


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