Cereal Docks S.p.A.

Reference address: Via Ca' Marzare 3, 36043 Camisano Vicentino (Vicenza)

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The mission of the company is to transform cereals and oilseeds to obtain protein meal and crude and refined vegetable oil.
Among others, they promote the respect and protection of the environment, attention to sustainable development, traceability, warranty, No-GMO use, and research efforts on renewable energy sources.
For 25 years the company has been cooperating with the local farmers with regard to harvesting, drying, storing and processing grains and oilseeds.
Moreover, it has partnered with farmers to experiment with more effective and profitable cultivation techniques, and to promote energy crops.
The Cereal Docks S.p.a. plant of Camisano Vicentino includes the following facilities:

  • warehouses and silos for grain and oilseed storage (a total capacity of about 100,000 tons) equipped with continuous temperature detection systems;
  • drying plant (5,000 t/d);;
  • soybean roasting plant (250 t/d);
  • plant production of flour, oil and lecithin (1,000 t/d);
  • chemical laboratory;
  • 5.2 MWe cogeneration plant fueled by vegetable oil;
  • 1,5 MW photovoltaic plant located on the warehouses' roof.
In 2007 a refining and transesterification plant with a production capacity of 150,000 tons per year was inaugurated. In this plant, vegetable oils produced in the factory are refined for food use, while the excess fraction undergoes transesterification to produce biodiesel. Vegetable oils are thus obtained within the same establishment for the production of biodiesel (BiopowerIt).

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