CARPI , Consorzio Autonomo Riciclo Plastica Italia

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Consorzio CARPI has been created by a number of important entrepreneurs with the aim of setting up a system to recycle packaging plastic coming from private companies.
The consortium became a reality in August 2007, by bringing together the most important Italian companies working in the recycling of secondary and tertiary packaging waste. The companies making up the consortium represent two-thirds of the national market for recycled plastic.
The main objective of the consortium is to become a private instrument for the management of packaging waste, by implementing an integrated control system following the entire life cycle of packaging, thus reducing costs and complying with the Kyoto Protocol.
As of May 2010, the activities carried out have expanded to include the entire plastic production chain. This means that companies producing plastic packaging and those collecting and separating plastic waste can also be part of the consortium.


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