Distretto del Mobile del Livenza – Lean Experience Factory

Reference address: Via Casabianca 3, 33078 San Vito al Tagliamento (Pordenone)

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The Livenza Furniture District is an industrial association representing about 1,100 productive units of wooden furniture. It was the first district in Italy awarded with EMAS certification.
Currently it is involved in the experimentation of a product environmental qualification methodology and it is mapping the environmental situation and energy requirements of the Pordenone furniture industrial district companies.
The Lean Experience Factory's mission is to provide theoretical and practical training on the most effective technical and organizational tools to improve competitiveness in the manufacturing sector. The Lean Experience Factory is part of the most advanced network of centers of excellence in Europe and the world.
With model factories in Darmstadt, Lyon, Munich and Casablanca, it continually exchanges the most successful experiences and is constantly engaged in dialogue with the world of best practices.


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