Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park

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The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park was created on April 20, 1990, while the Park Authority, that manages the protected area, was established in July 1993.
The Park is situated at the edge of the south-eastern Alps, in the central-southern section of Belluno Province (Veneto Region), and covers about 32,000 hectares, 16,000 of which were already protected by 8 Natural Reserves belonging to the biogenetic reserve network of the Council of Europe. Nearby there are other protected areas (already established or to be established) contributing to the creation of a network of great biogeographical importance.
The Park extends over 15 Municipalities and is characterized by medium and high-mountain environments. In its territory over 1,400 species of vascular plants can be found, among which several rarities and entities of great biogeographical interest.
All the main alpine animal species are well represented (ungulates, birds of prey, tetraonids), together with interesting invertebrate fauna with presence of endemic species. Moreover, the spontaneous return of some individuals of lynx and bear has been observed.
The Aims of the Park are the safeguard of a complex of naturalistic, historical, landscape, and environmental values and the preservation the biogenetic values of flora and fauna; the promotion of scientific research and environmental education; the creation of development opportunities through a careful policy able at the same time to safeguard the naturalistic values of the territory, which are its real and great resource.


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