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Built in 1917, the industrial area of Porto Marghera was (and still is) the largest industrial area in Italy.
The Porto Marghera industrial site is located 5 km NW of the historical center of Venice, between the urban inland (Mestre, Marghera and Malcontenta) and the coastal lagoon.
It spans an area of 2,000 ha, consisting of 1,400 ha for industries; 340 ha of water channels; 120 ha for the commercial harbour; 80 ha for roads and railways; and 40 ha of state land.
The main industries are: chemical, electric energy production, oil refineries, aluminium and semi-finished material production, flat glass production, shipyards and corn and cereal processing.
One of the most important districts in the area is the petrochemical section. Built in 1951, the petrochemical plant at Porto Marghera occupies a strategic position: at the edge of Venice's lagoon, overlooking the sea.
The petrochemical industry is known mainly for its chlorine chemistry and for the olefine and aromatics cycle.
Over time it has become an important reference point, not only for local companies, but also - on a larger scale - for the Northern Italian chemical industry as a whole.
The petrochemical industry is currently linked to other sites in the north of Italy, upon which 70% of the Italian chemical industry depends.


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