FIAMM S.p.A. – Green Energy Island

Reference address: Via Dovaro 8, 36045 Almisano di Lonigo (Vicenza)


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FIAMM is a company leader in energy storage systems.A specific division has recently been created for the construction of power stations with photovoltaic panels in which to integrate systems of traditional accumulation and batteries using new lead-free technology.
The company is also involved in the study of batteries based on the new technology of internal gas recombination, created to support the new Stop & Start systems that reduce gasoline consumption by up to 6%, CO2 emissions and atmospheric and acoustic pollution.
FIAMM Green Energy island is an innovative system that can store the energy it produces using sodium nickel chloride batteries. FIAMM Green Energy island occupies 5,500 square meters, of which 1,150 square meters are for solar panels. The unit produces more than twice what the factory consumes and thus keeps 106 tons of CO2 a year from being released into the atmosphere.


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