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Fondazione Monserrate is a leader and international entity in the area of highly specialized training, with an international network of professors and experts and new didactic methodologies.
It has been working with the most up-to-date IT systems of videoconferencing and its patented MICES® methodology in training, using an interactive videoconference multipoint communication system since 1994. Its important role in promoting the diffusion of knowledge, through the numerous exchange projects in both knowledge and culture, is recognized by the Italian and Chinese governments, Africa and several countries in South and Central America. In particular, Monserrate provides a didactic methodological consultancy for using these new systems, as well as the required logistic networks to foster projects, using the most up-to-date information technology. Moreover, thanks to a wide network of three central communication centers (Italy, Beijing, China and Bogotà, Colombia) and more than 100 local communication centers, it organizes and manages courses, particularly on the environment, enterprise, and the welfare of the ongoing education programs.
All of the courses aim to share knowledge and foster socioeconomic development, starting with local needs. The main goal is to work on local human capital, using the best available technologies. For this reason, in all of the communication centers, local people are involved to guarantee the continuity of the learning process.
Monserrate has implemented several projects in South and Central America, Africa and China. Among these, a pilot project was implemented from 2007 with VIU and CASS in China to experiment with the use of MICES® for increasing participation in the Advanced Training Program for civil servants from Environmental Protection Bureaus in different Chinese provinces. In 2010, this program trained 500 people in 10 different Chinese Provinces.


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