GAVA Imballaggi S.r.l.

Reference address: Via Roma 122, 31010 Godega di Sant'Urbano (Treviso)

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Company profile

GAVA Imballaggi is a well-established firm operating in the pallets sector since 1960.
The firm's surface area is about 10,000 m², 3,500 m² of which are indoors.
The daily volume of worked wood is about 75 cm and the potential daily production is 5,500 pallets.
Its mission is to realize solutions for product packaging, storage and dispatch whilst respecting both humans and the environment.
The firm:

  • uses sustainable raw materials;
  • implements eco-design;
  • thinks in terms of "short supply-chain".

The firm produces EcoPallet® because:

  • it is possible to track the raw material;
  • it is made by certified wood, assuring legality and sustainability of the wood production (PEFC certification);
  • it is made using renewable energy in the production process;
  • it is made by applying eco-design principles with weight and volume reduction;
  • it has a type II environmental label (recognized by AssoSCAI);
  • it permits the CONAI contribution reduction;
  • it awards points to public tenders.

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