H-Farm S.p.A.

Reference address: Tenuta Ca' Tron, Via Sile 41, 31056, Roncade (Treviso)



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H-Farm is a Venture Incubator; our mission is to accelerate the development of Internet startups via a combination of seed investment and incubation services.
The Venture Incubator is a hybrid model that reflects the dual soul of H-Farm: that of Venture Capitalist and that of Incubator. As a VC they invest seed capital, granting the finance necessary for the early stage activities; as an incubator they provide a series of services to speed up the business development: an inspiring workplace, centralized general administration, press office, human resources, legal and financial consultancy; H-Farm partners support the portfolio startups throughout their incubation, assisting them in defining commercial strategies, business plans, partnerships and exit strategies.
H-Farm is located in Ca’ Tron estate (in front of the Venetian Lagoon), in Seattle (U.S.A.), in Mumbai (India) and in London (U.K.). In the first seven years, H-FARM has invested €13.5 million in 37 startups, creating over 200 workplaces and achieving some important exits. Around €9 million of investments are expected for the next three years. More than 240 geeks are now working in their campus, supported by a network of over 50 mentors and advisors.


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