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Reference address: Thermal Waste Treatment Plant and Waste Collection Platforms, Via Baiona 182, 48100 Ravenna


Company profile

HERAmbiente is Italy’s largest company in the waste treatment sector. The company is 75% owned by the HERA Group, which is one of Italy’s biggest multi-utility companies and provides environmental, water and energy services, with Ambiente Arancione Cooperatief U.A. (a subsidiary of UK fund Eiser and Dutch fund Apg) holding the remaining 25%.
With 80 certified plants, more than 700 specialized operators and a dedicated sales team, HERAmbiente operates in both the domestic and international markets and is an industry benchmark across Europe. Using an integrated management system that covers the entire treatment chain, HERAmbiente carries out the complete range of operational and commercial activities relating to waste disposal, treatment and material and energy recovery, providing its customers with safe, certified, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.
The waste handled amounts to 5.1 mln tons per year, 3.3 of which is special waste. The total electricity generated is 603 GWh and thermal energy is 160 GWh.


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