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Kilometro Rosso Science Park, which is located along the A4 motorway just outside Bergamo, is a managed environment that houses a wealth of companies, research centers, laboratories, high-tech manufacturing facilities and providers of innovation services.
The park is a multi-disciplinary campus that leverages the diversity of its occupants in order to promote dialogue between the academic, business and science worlds. Kilometro Rosso also taps into the potential of complementary operations and specializations, implementing an inter-disciplinary approach with a view to reaching new frontiers in science and technology. The park’s mission is to promote the development of a hub of knowledge, innovation and high technology by creating a rendezvous point for innovation-driven companies and for scientific and R&D centers focusing on advanced technologies.
Kilometro Rosso is a “node of an international network of relationships and connections” that boosts the share of skills, knowledge, information and know-how, not only among its partners, but also between them and the outside world. Running a business from a settlement in Kilometro Rosso means operating within an architecturally and environmentally prestigious site, in direct contact with leading institutes and industrial manufacturing, in one of the so-called “four engines of Europe” (Lombardy).
In order to encourage the cross-fertilization of ideas, resources and skills among different groups, the park attracts businesses that operate in a wide spectrum of fields, subdivided by the following: higher education, biomedical and health, energy and environment, advanced materials, mechanics-mechatronics, prototyping, design and engineering, I.C.T., and advanced services for innovation; ensuring the presence of about 1,500 R&D specialists.
Kilometro Rosso was also credited by CENSIS (Report 2009) as one of the top 10 places of excellence for innovation in Italy.


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