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Kroll S.p.A., founded in 1979, is a company that produces hand-cleaning products. Since the beginning, Kroll's purpose has been the improvement of its own products, but also the pursuit of environmental protection. By adhering to the Kyoto Club (a non-profit association of enterprises, authorities and firms which aim at reaching the objective established by the Kyoto Protocol, e.g. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere) the company has become much more involved in environmental protection; a "Policy for Quality & Environment" was the first step undertaken to obtain the quality certification UNI EN ISO 14001 in 2001 and the environmental certification UNI EN ISO 9001 in 2003, as well as the EMAS registration, which is at present the highest acknowledgement obtainable by European companies.
Kroll's products have obtained the EU Ecolabel - a label ensuring that the entire life cycle of a product has a low environmental impact. An example of the company's commitment is the removal of a synthetic petrochemical solvent in all of its products.


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