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LABOR is a private laboratory that provides services aiming to develop new products or innovative services tailored to the customer’s needs.
The marketing, research and development teams jointly analyse the innovation technology requests from customers, focusing on the entrepreneur’s point of view, with the awareness that when delivering a winning product to the market it is necessary to wisely blend both consolidated and cutting edge technologies. The long lasting cooperation with European universities and research centers allows us to scout the technologies ready to be turned into industrial applications; besides this, also taking care of the technical coordination of all the experimental and engineering activities, thus ensuring the high quality of the final product. The skills are multidisciplinary, from electronics to automation and control to mechanical design and chemical processes. These competencies are mainly applied to sectors of bio-medical, energetic systems, bioengineering and environmental technologies.
LABOR is a technological partner for both big and small-sized companies, driving the whole development process through each phase, from the marketing concept to the product industrialisation.
Our research and design competencies are integrated with consolidated capacities in project financing and project management, which allows us to put the customer in terms of exploiting the available funding opportunities at the regional, national and especially European level. The laboratories are situated in Rome, at the "Tecnopolo Tiburtino".
LABOR carries out its activities in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 certified Quality System procedures, it is also accredited to the MIUR in the register of qualified laboratories for the research and experimental development in the fields of natural science and engineering.


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