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Latteria Montello began activities in 1947 inside a small dairy with just one wood-fired boiler. The company developed during the years and is now leader in the premium segment of the Italian stracchino market with the "Nonno Nanni” fresh cheeses.
The values of the company can be summed as:

  • Constant search for improving quality;
  • Genuine products and high quality raw materials and final products;
  • Tradition and passion for its history and its own corporate identity;
  • Long experience in production; Scrupulous and accurate control of the entire production.

These values are reflected also in the importance that Latteria Montello has been given to the protection of the environment.

There are many initiatives implemented by the company for greater energy savings and efficient management of cheese wastes:
Clean electric energy: Nonno Nanni uses only clean electricity form renewable energy sources, like solar, water and wind.
Waste Management: the percentage of packaging recovery has reached more than 60%; the container which is inside the packaging of our cheese consists of 100% recyclable materials, thus reducing environmental impact as less as possible.
Energy savings: some process indicators were set up for monitoring the development and consumption of resources (water, gas, energy power) in order to verify any eventual non-standard and not justified consumer points.
Water Management: a wastewater treatment plant is conveyed into a biological purification plant and water is finally used in agriculture.
Reduction of CO2: minimization CO2 emission during production (purchase of containers for "spread out" packaging which will be completed at the dairy, concentration of the whey coming from processing, centralization of the management system of product washing) and distribution (reduction of vehicular traffic).
Cogeneration: Nonno Nanni uses a 1MW electricity output methane cogenerator plant.

In 2012, the company participated in a tender competition run by the Ministry of the Environment for a project aimed at calculating and minimizing the "Carbon Footprint". The study, performed using strict scientific criteria, took into account the entire production chain, both direct (CO2 generated from the production of cheese) and indirect (CO2 generated by the production of milk in the barn). In order to offset its environmental impact and pollution produced, Nonno Nanni has contributed to two environmental sustainability initiatives, one in Italy and one abroad.


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