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Maschio Gaspardo is an international Group, leader in the production of agricultural equipment for tillage, seeding, crop care, green maintenance and hay making.

The Group produces a wide range of rotary tillers, power harrows, mulchers, precision planters, cereal seed drills, combination cultivator-drills, flail-mowers, ploughs, minimum tillage, spraying and hay making equipment.
The Company has 19 production plants, 15 in Italy and 4 abroad (Romania, India China and North America). In addition, Maschio Gaspardo has 13 sales branches located in Germany, France, Spain, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, North America, China, India, Iran and Georgia.

The company can boast 50 years of activity and exports in 100 countries around the world. In 2013 the group produced 60,000 machines, with a turnover of 280 million Euros, 85% of which generated by foreign markets.

Since 2010, the Maschio Gaspardo Group has implemented a new eco-sustainable policy both at product level, through the development of high efficiency agricultural machines, and at process level, equipping its highly energy consuming plants with self-production systems from renewable sources and energy saving systems.
The investments included the realization of a 3.3 MWp photovoltaic system on the roofs of the Italian plants, the improvement of the thermal insulation of the buildings, the opening of skylights, and the introduction of monitoring and consumption reduction systems.

In Campodarsego plant, in Padua province, a 1.3 MWp photovoltaic system was implemented, made up of 5,726 modules, for a total surface of 22,000 sq m.
Before the starting of the works, more than 4,500 sq m of asbestos have been removed and disposed of. At present, the emissions of CO2, have been reduced by 1,638 tons (18th April 2014) and reductions are expected to reach 3,923 t CO2 eq by November 2014.

The awareness in the energy and environment field showed by the Group during these years and the will to give full value to its investments led the company to start a Carbon Footprint study. The targets of the analysis were focused on the Italian plants of Campodarsego, Cadoneghe and Morsano al Tagliamento. The measurement process of the Carbon Footprint has taken into consideration two main aspects:

  • The complete collection and elaboration of the data on energy consumes
  • The analysis of the industrial processes

This study has demonstrated the reduction of our Carbon Footprint in a given period of time and a suitable monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions. Comparing 2012 and 2011, the results have shown:

  • A CO2 reduction by 23% in relative terms compared to the turnover
  • A CO2 reduction by 10% in absolute terms equal to a saving of more than 800 tons

At the end of the assessment process, on 20th September 2013, the Maschio Gaspardo Group received the International Carbon Trust Standard Certification as:

  • the first company in the world of agricultural machineries
  • the first metalworking industry in Italy



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