"Tools for a Sustainable City: Low Energy Architecture, Sustainable Mobility"
02 November 2008
International Workshop, 3-4 November, 2008 The international workshop promoted by the Italian and Chinese Ministries for the Environment on the topic of “Tools for a Sustainable City: Low Energy Architecture, Sustainable Mobility” will be held at Spazio Thetis, in the Arsenale in Venice on the 3rd and 4th of November.

Qualified experts representing China, India and Europe will speak at the event.
Europe is extremely active in urban development policies and proposes a model which may provide a reference for emerging countries.
The central focus of the seminar will be on the significant worl problem represented by towns, cities and mobility and how to efficiently manage it, especially in rapidly expanding countries such as China and India, in order to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by the middle of this century, which is the aim set by Hokkaido’s G8.

Italian and Chinese ministries have been working on this since 2000, thanks to a cooperation programme which has produced pilot projects of acknowledged efficiency: eco-compatible “model” buildings in Beijing and for the Shanghai Expo, and demonstrative systems for managing mobility and public transport produced in Beijing within the sphere of the Olympic Games.
The aim of the two workshops is to assess the situation of the programmes currently in progress and to look at the strategies for the near future, with the aim of promoting and spreading the use and knowledge of “best practices” as a contribution to the development and sustainable management of new towns and cities.

Experts speaking at the event will include Corrado Clini, Director General of the Ministry for the Environment, Shri M. Ramachandran, Secretary, Ministry for Urban Development in India; for China, the three experts Xin Jijun from the Ministry of Science and Technology, Bai Wenhua from Expo in Shanghai, Yu Lifeng, Vice-Director General of the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment, Roberto Cecchi, General Manager of the Ministry of Cultural Goods, Paolo Costa, Chairman of the European Parliament Transport Committee, and Francesco Merloni.

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