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The Hydrogen Research Centre is an international center of excellence in the field of applied research, power systems based on hydrogen produced from renewable sources and, in general, in the study of energy carriers. The project involves the promotion of research, development, demonstration and industrialization of hydrogen systems coupled with renewable energy sources.
The Hydrogen Research Centre was born from an agreement between CIRPS, Sapienza University of Rome and the Lazio region, by which the region, within the strategic project "LazioRinnovabile", finances the startup of a center for research and development of hydrogen technologies.
The strategic aim is to encourage the birth and development of a new industry in the region and in the country based on renewable energy and "green" hydrogen to promote sustainability. The experimental activity to implement and improve technology related to clean hydrogen has an economic sense today, but also a long-term strategic value.
The project involves the construction of the Laboratory "Hydrogen Research Centre", which aims to be a real demonstrator and technology incubator, as well as a center of excellence in research on advanced energy technologies in the field of hydrogen and renewable energy.
The Hydrogen Research Centre has the following programs:

  • Reviews on state-of-the art key technologies;
  • Identification of experimental sectors;
  • Development and demonstrations;
  • Involvement of companies (mostly small and medium enterprises in Lazio);
  • Identification of technologies oriented to industrial applications;
  • Creation of spin-offs and industrial partnerships;
  • Startup of future projects in the field of mobility and other end-uses of hydrogen.

The activities of this technology sector will be supported by several actions:

  • Information and awareness campaigns;
  • Technical and scientific professional training (from pre-university level to PhD and research fellowship);
  • Spin-off stimulation and support;
  • Participation in events and research programs (Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission).

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