Re.Te. , Recuperi Tecnologici S.r.l.

Reference address: Via dell'Artigianato 21, 30024 Musile di Piave (Venice)

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Company profile

The company Re. Te. S.r.l. was founded in August 2004, incorporating two companies devoted to industrial waste collection and recycling printing consumables (e.g. toners).
This separate collection service is offered to firms, offices, schools and shops selling office products.
In five years, the company has become one of the foremost firms in waste recycling and disposal.
Re.Te. guarantees an excellent collection system for electronic material, toners and other consumables, as well as the storage of office waste (e.g. paper, neon lights and batteries etc) in its 1,000 m2 plant in Musile di Piave (Venice).
Moreover, Re.Te. manages shops in Venice and Musile that sell both new and regenerated consumables for printing.


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Isola di San Servolo
30100 Venice

T +39 041 2719511
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