Rigoni di Asiago S.p.A.

Reference address: Via Oberdan 28, 36012 Asiago (Vicenza)


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Rigoni di Asiago is a company leader in the sector of honey, jams and fruit preserves and has based its activity on producing exclusively from organic farming.
After starting out as a honey producer, the company successfully added new products such as jams, chocolate and hazelnut spread, a natural sweetener from apples and, most recently, a ready-to-eat fruit dessert.
The choice of using only organic farming to grow the ingredients for their products is due to the fact that organic farming reduces the impact on the environment, minimizes fuel consumption and limits greenhouse gas emissions caused by chemical degradation. In line with the concept of sustainable development, organic farming avoids excessive use of both soil and water.
Rigoni di Asiago applies several eco-friendly solutions to the farming and processing cycles in order to ensure that their production and economic development is sustainable and compatible with the environment.
The processing plant in Foza (Asiago-Vicenza) is equipped with low-energy consuming machinery engineered, built and patented in Italy under precise specifications of the company. Over 6,000 tons of fruit is processed by a fully-automated computerized system. The processing plant operates a cogeneration plant fuelled by natural gas, achieving a reduction in fuel consumption by over 50%, while the production center has obtained the environmental certification EMAS 14000. Solar energy panels are installed at the Asiago offices and at Foza processing plant, with plans underway for the Verona warehouses.


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