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Siena Province is 3,820 square meters, the population is about 272,600 inhabitants and there are 36 municipalities.
Siena Province was the first province in Italy to earn the Environmental Certification ISO 14001, the ISO 14064/1 Certification for the GHG Emission Balance and it was one of the first to obtain EMAS Registration.
In the big project Siena Carbon Free 2015, Siena Province collectively applies all actions to reset CO2 in order to improve the environment and combat climate change.
The project started with the realization of the GHG Emissions Balances at the provincial level according to the international IPCC methodology and ISO 14064/1 certification. This study was realized in collaboration with Siena University.
Many projects were realized to improve the sustainability of the province and the impact of the population on their environment. Among them were: CO2 emission reduction, energy saving, energy efficiency, waste management and the public participations of citizens.
The achieved results met and even surpassed the EU standards on CO2 emission reduction, and since 2013 Siena Province has been certified as a Carbon Free Province.


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