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Reference address: Via dell'Artigianato 3, 31010 Fonte (Treviso)


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Skymax S.p.A in Italy and Sky Plastic Recycling and Commerce GmbH in Austria are part of Sky Plastic Recycling Group, specializing in recycling and transforming polymers from industrial scraps and post-consumption waste of plastic materials.
Skymax S.p.A. was founded in 1993 by Roberto Panzarasa and Paolo Brunello who are still running it. The factory in Fonte (near Treviso) covers an area of 20,000 m², of which 9,000 are covered. The production capability is 25,000 tons/year with about 50 specialized employees trained by the company itself.
The company specializes in plastic recycling of PP, PE and PS, derived from industrial scraps or post-consumption waste. From these, Skymax produces a high quality regranulate that is always checked by the internal laboratory which follows current directives in this field. All materials are developed with highly technological machinery, which is in part designed and developed by the company's own engineers.
Their vast experience in both plastic recycling and European environmental rules and laws has helped the company to obtain the ISO 9001 certification of quality, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management certifications.


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