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The Rome Industrial Technology Park Company is a corporation created in 1995 on the initiative of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, which holds 95% of the shares. Other shareholders are the Municipality of Rome (through municipal agencies, ACEA, AMA, ATAC), the Latium Region (through the regional financing agency Filas and the Latium Development Agency), the Province of Rome and ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. The Park Company implements actions designed to promote, improve and stimulate the development of hightech industry through the Tiburtino Technology Park, and the Castel Romano Technology Park, recently acquired and re-launched.
The Rome Technology Park system was conceived to achieve the following objectives:

  • create organized systems capable of attracting high-tech companies and projects;
  • increase and improve development and employment in the Rome metropolitan area;
  • promote activities aimed at developing research and technology transfer in order to raise companies’ level of competitiveness;
  • encourage the Roman entrepreneurial system to adopt innovative business models characterized by advanced technology, sustainability and energy saving.

More than 80 companies have chosen to locate to the Tiburtino Technology Park. Typically they are run by enthusiastic young people and are able to position themselves successfully within the technology markets by turning out innovative products and services.
Tecnopolo Tiburtino’s activity is aimed at supporting local SME and proposing real estate solutions within well-equipped areas. Since the beginning, the real estate development was conceived whilst taking into account planning parameters based on functionality and utilization.
The park system is structured according to two projects with different missions and different locations. The Tiburtino Technology Park, east of Rome, mainly hosts aerospace, electronics and ICT companies. The Castel Romano Technology Park, south of Rome, is oriented toward study, research and technology transfer in the fields of metallurgy, biotechnology and the environment.


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