VEGA, Venice Gateway for Science and Technology

Reference address: Via della Libertà 5/12, 30175, Marghera (Venice)


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VEGA - Parco Scientifico Tecnologico di Venezia S.c.a.r.l. – is one of the most important technological science parks in Italy, comprising 150 companies and 1,800 employees and operating in the leading sectors of technological innovation: ICT, nanotechnology and green economy. It is located near the historical center of Venice, in the industrial area of Port Marghera.
VEGA offers enterprises the opportunity to corroborate technological content, increasing competitiveness on the global market, producing a new model of culture and management: Enterprise 2.0. VEGA inCube hosts start-ups and spin-offs specializing in ICT, green and nanotechnologies, with the support of a business tutor. The enterprises are selected by their innovative ideas and economic sustainability.
Moreover, VEGA has designed Pandora, in collaboration with the Boston MIT Media Lab, the hub for nomadic workers, the media building and the green building zero-emissions machine, capable of emitting oxygen, eliminating pollution and producing electricity and thermal energy. In fact, VEGA supports the promotion and transfer of innovative green technology, through the creation of pilot plans and technological platforms for the development of sustainable industrial processes in the chemical industry sector, agri-food industry, energy and the remediation of industrial areas.


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