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Veritas S.p.A. is the first multi-utility in the Veneto region in terms of size and revenues, and one of the biggest in Italy: it is the eighth largest integrated water cycle service and the fifth largest environmental service, behind companies also operating in energy management yet in more populated areas.
The company serves all the municipalities within the province of Venice and part of the province of Treviso, in addition to the more than 30 million tourists visiting Venice, the coast and the surrounding areas each year. Veritas provides its services (many of which are certified) to citizens, firms and the territory in general. It operates in the integrated water and environmental services cycle, and it sells and distributes energy through its subsidiaries. Furthermore, it provides urban, community, territorial and industrial services and handles cemeteries, wholesale markets and environmental reclamation work.


P.I.F. Progetto Integrato Fusina - Wastewater Treatment Integrated Project

The PIF Wastewater Treatment plant in Fusina (VE) has a capacity of 330’000 Eq. Inhab., with an average flow of 100’000 m3/day. The three treatment lines process water from different sources:
_the civil sewage from Mestre, Marghera and the Mirese area (17 Municipalities)
_the industrial sewage water from Porto Marghera Industrial zone
_water from contaminated groundwater wells

The aim is to reduce the pollution load of the waters entering the Lagoon of Venice and to optimize the use of water resources by reusing the treated water in the industrial installations in Porto Marghera.
The treatment system applies the Best Available Technologies and includes an artificial wetland area which is used for the finishing treatment and can be used also as a recreational area.

Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Ca’ Solaro (VE)

The plant has a treatment capacity of 1000 l/s and the raw water comes from the Sile river, 10,5 km away, through an artificial canal.
Water quality at the entrance and at the output of the system is checked with continuous monitoring instruments. Manual samplings and analyses are periodically performed in order to comply with the quality standards set by the Italian laws, according with a program approved by Health Authority.
The plant provides only a fraction of the drinking water distributed by Veritas in the Province of Venice. The greater part comes in fact from groundwater wells located in the neighboring Province of Treviso.
Beside the potabilization, the plant operates also as the management center for the waterworks network of the Municipalities of Venice, Cavallino Treporti, Mogliano, Preganziol and Quinto di Treviso. The control room receives data from and supervise the functioning and quality parameters of water distributed by several minor plants, including groundwater wells, high lift stations, storage tanks etc.
Electromechanical and instrumentation maintenance for around twenty plants are also managed from the site of Ca' Solaro – Favaro Veneto.



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